Project: Curricula Development in the Fields of Reproductive Biology/Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Regenerative Medicine in Serbia

Acronym Application year Grant Reference number Duration Scope Project status
ART‐REM 2017 870667.0 586181-2017 3 years National on-going
Eligibility period start Eligibility period end Extended until Website Facebook
October 15, 2017 October 14, 2020

Project summary

Assisted reproductive technologies (ART) and regenerative medicine (REM) are interconnected and rapidly developing fields. ART are methods of choice for treating human infertility and to improve genetic potential of breeding animals for livestock production. REM is a rapidly developing field with the potential to transform the treatment of human diseases. Education of professionals for work in these areas makes an essential contribution to demands of the labour market. In Serbia, there are no study programmes related to these areas, except the MSc in Reproductive Biology at the University of Novi Sad (UNS).

The cooperation framework between the Serbian universities: UNS-Faculty of Sciences and Medical Faculty, University of Belgrade (UB)-Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, and University of Kragujevac (UNIKG)-Medical Faculty will be established in order to upgrade the existing study programme at UNS and to create two new study programmes: MSc in Regenerative Medicine at UNIKG and Specialisation in Animal Reproductive Biotechnology at UB.

We aim to translate good practice of higher education institutions (HEIs) from the EU countries in the fields of human and animal assisted reproduction and REM to Serbian HEIs. New study programmes will promote diversification of the educational potential of Serbian HEIs with the intention of increasing the employability of their graduates in the Serbian labour market. Serbian HEIs see the new study programmes as a mechanism for attracting more students and professionals at both the national and international level, since there are no such study programmes in the neighboring

countries. Lifelong learning policy in the area of human and animal assisted reproduction is also elaborated within the project proposal. Close collaboration with the Programme Country HEIs will bring their expertise in education to our universities and improve the level of competence and skills in Serbian HEIs by developing new and innovative education programmes.


Three study programmes in complementary highly developing area of Reproductive Biology, Animal Reproductive Biotechnology and Regenerative Medicine at Serbian HEIs will be created. These programmes will be in line with the similar programmes in EU and unique not only for educational ground in Serbia but also for neighboring countries. New laboratory equipment, courses and involvement of small enterprises will increase the quality of education and relevance for the labour market and society.

The specific objectives of the project are the following:

-       Modernisation of the MSc programme in Reproductive Biology (at P1), development of the

-       Specialisation in Animal Reproduction Biotechnology (at P2) and the master study programme in Regenerative Medicine (at P3);

-       Development of the long-life learning (LLL) courses for practitioners;

-       Development of the cooperation framework of the Serbian HEI Partners.


Capacity Building in Higher Education


University of Novi Sad, SRB Project coordinator
Nebojsa Andric Contact person
University of Belgrade, SRB
Vladimir Bumbasirevic (Владимир Бумбаширевић) Contact person
University of Kragujevac, SRB
Nebojsa Arsenijevic (Небојша Арсенијевић) Contact person
Ferona IVF Hospital, SRB
Ana Stambolic-Trajkovic Contact person
Livestock and Veterinary Centre for reproduction and artificial insemination “Velika Plana”, SRB
Goran Jakovljevic (Goran Jakovljević) Contact person
Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski", BGR
Anastas Gerdjikov Contact person
University of Ljubljana, SVN
Ivan Svetlik Contact person
University of Newcastle upon Tyne,
Suzanne Cholerton Contact person
Medical Centre ReproBioMed, BGR
Gueorgui Nikolov Contact person


Title Type To
1.1 Plan of cooperation between the Serbian HEIs prepared Report June 14, 2018
1.2 Report on comparative analysis Report January 14, 2018
1.3 Report on legal and labour market analysis Report April 18, 2018
1.4 Report on developed curricula Report October 14, 2018
1.5 Certificates of accreditation by CAQA Report March 14, 2019
1.6 Report on LLL outcomes and topics Report October 14, 2018
2.1 New laboratory equipment purchased and installed Report October 14, 2019
2.2 Study visits and training reports Report August 14, 2018
2.3 Report on Workshop on teaching and learning in higher education Report May 14, 2018
2.4 Teaching/learning materials for each study programme prepared Teaching material August 14, 2019
3.1 Report on student enrolment Report November 14, 2019
3.2 Implemented classes at 3 study programmes Report August 14, 2020
3.3 Report on implemented lectures of from programme HEIs Report June 14, 2020
3.4 Report on staff exchange between P1, P2 and P3 Report June 14, 2020
3.5 Student and staff surveys completed Report August 14, 2020
4.1 Selected learning materials adapted for LLL courses Report January 14, 2019
4.2 LLL course delivered to professionals Report July 14, 2020
4.3 Survey of participants completed Report August 14, 2020
5.1 Quality monitoring plan prepared Report February 14, 2018
5.2 Report on internal evaluation of the study programmes Report August 14, 2020
5.3 Reports of external evaluators for each study programme Report June 14, 2020
5.4 Reports of Quality Assurance Board on project implementation Report August 14, 2020
5.5 Report of external evaluators on project implementation Report August 14, 2020
6.1 Dissemination plan adopted Report February 14, 2018
6.2 Website, social network profile created Report February 14, 2018
6.3 Promo material Service/Product September 14, 2020
6.4 Reports on media events Report September 14, 2020
6.5 Info Days organised Report June 14, 2020
6.6 Closing Conference organised Events: Conferences and Seminars September 14, 2020
7.1 Report on the kick‐off meeting Report December 14, 2017
7.2 Project management structure and managament plan adopted Report February 14, 2018
7.3 Reports on day‐to‐day activities Report April 14, 2020
7.4 Reports on the project meetings Report September 14, 2020
7.5 Progress and final report Report October 14, 2020