Project: Boosting Engagement of Serbian Universities in Open Science

Acronym Application year Grant Reference number Duration Scope Project status
BE-OPEN 2016 866801.0 573950-2016 3 years National on-going
Eligibility period start Eligibility period end Extended until Website Facebook
October 15, 2016 October 14, 2019

Project summary

Open science provides an effective framework for the enhancement of research transparency, dissemination, collaborations, and accountability. Serbian academic community have recognized the importance and advantages of open science principles which is manifested through the numerous initiatives undertaken by the government bodies, faculties, libraries, NGOs, and journal publishers. However, in the absence of coordination, compromise on standards,
and a solid legislative support, these initiatives seem isolated and ineffective from the global point of view.
National funding of efforts aiming towards open science is quite modest in Serbia at this moment. The main goal of this project is to strengthen the position of Serbian universities within the international research arena. This goal will be pursued by applying the basic principles of open access to science relying on the experience and support of EU partner universities.


The main aim of the Project is to foster, standardize, and coordinate the implementation of open science principles at Serbian universities. The Project objective is threefold: 1. to advance national and institutional guidelines, policies, and incentives related to the open science, 2. to establish digital repositories at all Serbian universities and to foster their infrastructural development and interoperability, and 3. to build institutional and individual capacities in order to ensure the sustainable implementation of open science principles and enhance the social inclusiveness and accountability of publicly-funded research.


Capacity Building in Higher Education


University of Novi Sad, SRB Project coordinator
Snezana Smederevac (Снежана Смедеревац) Contact person
State University of Novi Pazar, SRB
Miladin Kostic (Миладин Костић) Contact person
University of Nis, SRB
Dragan Antic (Драган Антић) Contact person
University of Kragujevac, SRB
Dragan Boskovic (Драган Бошковић) Contact person
University of Arts in Belgrade, SRB
Zoran Eric (Зоран Ерић) Contact person
University of Belgrade, SRB
Milan Kuzelka (Милан Кужелка) Team Member and Biljana Kosanovic (Биљана Косановић) Contact person
Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia, SRB
Vladimir Popovic (Vladimir Popović) Contact person
National Technical University of Athens - NTUA, GRC
Ioannis Golias Contact person
Leiden University, NLD
Rolf Oosterloo Contact person
University of Udine, ITA
Alberto Felice De Toni Contact person
Goldsmiths' College, UK
Jane Powell Contact person


Title Type To
1.1 Report on the existing open science legislatives and incentives Report April 30, 2017
1.2 Report on the current open science practice and related information infrastructures Report April 30, 2017
1.3 A set of preliminary directions and standards regarding the open science principles Report July 30, 2017
1.4 Required IT infrastructure Service/Product February 15, 2018
2.1 Report on EU open science practices and transfer of knowledge and skills Report September 30, 2017
2.2 National policy of open science Service/Product December 31, 2018
2.3 Institutional policies of open science Report January 31, 2019
2.4 Recommendations for the national open science policy Report January 31, 2019
3.1 Report on the EU standards related to open science services Report April 30, 2018
3.2 National standards for the open science services Service/Product August 31, 2017
3.3 Integrated system of institutional repositories Service/Product September 30, 2018
3.4 Web service for knowledge and technology transfer Service/Product November 30, 2018
4.1 Indicators for the evaluation of research impact and the transfer of knowledge Report October 30, 2018
4.2 Registry of the non-government funders Events: Conferences and Seminars November 30, 2018
4.3 Training for the use of open science platforms Training May 31, 2019
4.4 Methodology for monitoring the usage of open science platform Methodology December 31, 2018
5.1 Quality reports on project actions. Report October 14, 2019
5.2 Evaluation reports on project achievements by EU partner Report September 30, 2019
5.3 Fine tuning of university procedures and regulations Report September 30, 2018
5.4 External audit Report October 14, 2019
6.1 Raising awareness on open science policies Events: Conferences and Seminars October 14, 2019
6.2 Project website and open science webpage Service/Product October 14, 2019
6.3 Promotional materials design Service/Product August 30, 2019
6.4 Open science policies implemented Report March 31, 2019
6.5 Advanced support system for implementation of open science at Serbian universities Service/Product October 14, 2019
7.1 Setting up project management Report May 30, 2019
7.2 Reports on project management Report October 14, 2019
7.3 Kick-off and Consortium meetings Report October 14, 2019
7.4 Reports on partners’ activities Report October 14, 2019
7.5 Financial reports and bookkeeping Report October 14, 2019