Project: Development and Implementation of System for Performance Evaluation for Serbian HEIs and System

Acronym Application year Grant Reference number Duration Scope Project status
PESHES 2016 826350.0 573820-2016 3 years National on-going
Eligibility period start Eligibility period end Extended until Website Facebook
October 15, 2016 October 14, 2019 January 01, 2015

Project summary

The reason, motivation, goals and outcomes of the PESHES are connected with two the most important documents in Republic of Serbia: “Education Development Strategy in Serbia until 2020” and “Action Plan for Implementation of the Strategy”.
Project is supported by Ministry of education, science and technological development, and this fact provides guidance of project and project results to be fully correlated with national needs and to contribute to improvement of Serbian educational system.
The objective of the project is to improve the quality of higher education by introduction of quality indicators and performance measurement (starting from positions of different stakeholders). Being in line with National priorities and Action plan and introduction performance measurement in HEI will enable national authorities to modernize system and HEIs will be directed to providing better value to stakeholders and to modernize their management and quality assurance activities.


The project has wider objective” Improvement of management, operation and quality of HEIs and system in Serbia” as
well as following specific objectives:
• Definition of indicators and measures for performance based evaluation of higher education institutions and system as a basis for value based management in Serbian HEIs and system
• Structuring and pilot implementation of the system for multi-dimensional ranking of institutions and study programs
• Introduction of performance measurement in accreditation and re-accreditation of study programs and HEIs.
It is important to underline that specific objectives are completely in line with National strategy and Action plan with code VO-ZD 09 Introduction of quality indicators in Higher education. This particular action has following implementation action: (1) Definition of set of indicators for monitoring of condition of HE, (2) Improvement of accreditation standards, (3) Development of model for implementation of indicators.


Capacity Building in Higher Education


University of Belgrade, SRB Project coordinator
Sima Avramovic (Sima Avramović) Contact person
Singidunum University, SRB
Mladen Veinovic (Младен Веиновић) Contact person
State University of Novi Pazar, SRB
Zoran Markovic (Зоран Марковић) Contact person
University of Kragujevac, SRB
Nebojsa Arsenijevic (Небојша Арсенијевић) Contact person
University of Nis, SRB
Dragan Antic (Драган Антић) Contact person
University of Novi Sad, SRB
Ivan Lukovic (Иван Луковић) Contact person
Center for the Promotion of Science, SRB
Nemanja Djordjevic (Немања Ђорђевић) Contact person
Conference of Academies for Applied Studies in Serbia, SRB
Branko Savic (Бранко Савић) Contact person
National Employment Service, SRB
Jelena Popovic (Јелена Поповић) Contact person
Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia, SRB
Miladin Kovacevic (Миладин Ковачевић) Contact person
National Council for Higher Education of the Republic of Serbia, SRB
Dejan Popovic (Дејан Поповић) Contact person
Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia, SRB
Vesna Mandic (Весна Мандић) Contact person
Polytechnic University of Valencia, ES
Andres Garcia Carrion (Andrés García Carrión) Contact person
Polytechnic University of Turin, ITA
Micaela Demichela Contact person
University of Rijeka, HRV
Zlatan Car Contact person
University of Twente, NLD
Hans Vossensteyn Contact person


Title Type To
1.1 Analysis of the needs and priorities in Serbian society and local economy Report April 01, 2017
1.2 Students’ and academics’ needs and priorities Report April 01, 2017
1.3 Improvement of Universities capacity Service/Product July 01, 2017
1.4 Analysis of performance based evaluation in EU Report July 01, 2017
2.1 Definition of the key processes and selected fields at HEI in Serbia Report September 01, 2017
2.2 Definition of the set of KPI (key performance indicators) at selected fields Report September 01, 2017
2.3 Optimization of the set of performance indicators for study programs, institutions and HE system as whole Other products December 01, 2017
2.4 Development of the model for profiling and multi-ranking of study programs and HIE institutions in Serbia Report December 31, 2017
3.1 Development of ICT solution for data acquisition and multidimensional ranking of study programs and institutions Service/Product June 01, 2019
3.2 Training, oganization and implementation of the ICT system at national level Other products June 01, 2019
3.3 Presentation of the tools that will meet needs of students, labour market and society Events: Conferences and Seminars October 14, 2019
3.4 Pilot testing, verification and validation of the system on the selected study programs and institution Report October 14, 2019
4.1 Development and adoption of performance based evaluation for HEI management at institutional and national level Report October 14, 2019
4.2 Introduction of performance measurement in accreditation standards Report October 14, 2019
4.3 Contribution to the HEI funding system Report August 01, 2019
4.4 Networking developed system with stakeholders Events: Conferences and Seminars October 14, 2019
5.1 Establishment of quality assurance work group Events: Conferences and Seminars October 14, 2019
5.2 Providing an external quality audit Report October 14, 2019
5.3 Ensuring regular quality control and monitoring Report October 14, 2019
5.4 Inter-project coaching activities Other products October 14, 2019
6.1 Organization of seminars, meetings and symposia Events: Conferences and Seminars October 14, 2019
6.2 Preparation and realisation of promotional activities Events: Conferences and Seminars October 14, 2019
6.3 Maintaining a comprehensive and informative project web-site Service/Product October 14, 2019
6.4 Awareness campaign at Universities and other stakeholders Events: Conferences and Seminars October 14, 2019
7.1 Daily management of project processes Report October 14, 2019
7.2 Organization of regular Steering Committee meetings Report October 14, 2019
7.3 Preparing documentation on reporting and audit control Report October 14, 2019