Project: Strengthening Capacities for Tourism Changes in WB – Building Competences for Quality Management of Heritage and Cultural Tourism

Acronym Application year Grant Reference number Duration Scope Project status
CULTURWB 2016 795284.0 574193-2016 3 years Regional on-going
Eligibility period start Eligibility period end Extended until Website Facebook
October 15, 2016 October 14, 2019

Project summary

CULTURWB will address the need for strenghtening the cultural tourism industry development in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro.
The project aims are:
- Shaping of cultural identity in WB
- Strengthening of the commercialization of cultural values – solidification of the cosmopolitan character of cultural values
- Offer learning of sophisticated skills and acquiring of competences in cultural tourism management; enable the tourism workforce to interpret and apply global developments in tourism
- Utilize research methodologies – marketing and branding, strategy business planning, digital tourism, sustainable development, strategy and action plan implementation etc
- Form a network of MA students and relevant stakeholders within the industry- essential cooperation between heritage & cultural management and tourist organisations, provide recommendations to stakeholders in the industry, and upgrade the physical and operational capacities - globalising the local and localising the global
- Create an online platform for communication between stakeholders, industry leaders, managers, work force, and the academia
- Design a tool-kit aimed at a variety of professional users, both within the tourism industry and for people who welcome and manage visitors at their destination or site, including public authorities in the tourism, culture and nature fields
- Quality Assurance in heritage and cultural tourism management


The concrete objectives are:
- Conduct research on instances and required competences of personnel in the cultural tourism industry;
- Develop a LLL programme;
- Develop an interdisciplinary MA program that consolidates the field of tourism management and culture & heritage by equipping the graduates to acquire the required qualifications for professional career in managing cultural aspects of tourism and heritage;
- Connect the tourism industries between the involved non-EU countries and prepare each WB partner country for the EU integration.
The specific objectives are:
-Evaluation of the current situation in WBC in regards to applying the global developments in the tourism industry /Ljubljana process II Priorities non University and explores teacher training and education capacities.
- To foster University/Enterprise cooperation trough developing a Lifelong Learning program and provide know-how support and entrepreneurship competences to owners of cultural, historical and architectural monuments.
- Develop an interdisciplinary Master program that consolidates the field of management of culture and heritage by applying new methodologies and specific learning outcomes.
- Creation of ICT based platform "WB virtual cultural tourism corner" and establishment of CULTURWB Regional Network, which will gather MA students and relevant stakeholders within the cultural tourism industry and present means for their communication


Capacity Building in Higher Education

Subject areas

  • Social and behavioural science


University of Novi Sad, SRB Project coordinator
Tatjana Pivac (Татјана Пивац) Contact person and Dusan Nikolic (Душан Николић)
University of Nis, SRB
Dragan Antic (Драган Антић) Contact person
The Provincial Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments, SRB
Zoran Vapa (Зоран Вапа) Contact person
Breda University of Applied Sciences, NLD
Henricus M. C. M. van Oorschot Contact person
World University Service Austria, AUT
Almir Kovacevic (Almir Kovačević) Contact person
University of Montenegro, MNE
Radmila Vojvodic (Radmila Vojvodić) Contact person
University of Banja Luka, BIH
Stanko Stanic (Stanko Stanić) Contact person
Sarajevo Meeting of Culture, BIH
Dino Mujkic (Dino Mujkić) Contact person
University of East Sarajevo, BIH
Stevan Trbojevic (Stevan Trbojević) Contact person
University Dzemal Bijedic in Mostar, BIH
Sead Pasic (Sead Pašić) Contact person
FH Joanneum Gesellschaft M.B.H., AUT
Karl P. Pfeiffer Contact person
Hochschule Heilbronn, DE
Jurgen Schroder (Jürgen Schröder) Contact person
Tourism Organisation of Kotor Municipality, MNE
Mirza Krcic (Mirza Krcić) Contact person


Title Type To
1.1 Creation of a template for cultural tourism analysis Report December 15, 2016
1.2 Field and desk analysis of cultural tourism in PCs Report January 20, 2017
1.3 Creation of focus groups and selection of trainees Report February 07, 2017
1.4 Review and analysis of existing courses and programs in EU Report March 15, 2017
1.5 Report on Management competence and Education gaps in PCs Report April 20, 2017
1.6 Compilation of needs and gap analysis / skill cards Service/Product April 27, 2017
2.1 Training of WBC partners at EU Training June 07, 2017
2.2 Development of LLL contents and material Teaching material July 30, 2017
2.3 Development of training-kit for stakeholders in the industry Learning material July 15, 2017
2.4 LLL courses implementation Training courses/LLL courses September 01, 2017
2.5 Testing LLL courses and incorporation of LLL feedback into MA development Report December 07, 2017
3.1 Technical equipping of WB HEI Service/Product May 07, 2017
3.2 Design of a communication platform – “WB virtual cultural tourism corner” Service/Product March 15, 2017
3.3 Testing, training and use of communication platform Service/Product June 10, 2017
3.4 Establishment of the regional CULTURWB Network at the platform Service/Product November 01, 2018
4.1 Program and task forces identified in accordance with LLL testing results Service/Product January 10, 2018
4.2 Development of Program contents and material Teaching material July 30, 2019
4.3 Program externally evaluated Report July 30, 2018
4.4 Program implemented – 1st semester New study programme - MA level October 10, 2019
5.1 Workshop on Quality Assurance in HE Events: Conferences and Seminars January 10, 2018
5.2 Quality Assurance in teaching and learning processes Report September 07, 2017
5.3 Program approved at PCs Service/Product June 30, 2019
6.1 Internal project monitoring managed at PC level Report October 10, 2019
6.2 LLL and MA program monitoring Report December 07, 2017
6.3 Monitoring visits to PC by EU partners and evaluation Report August 15, 2019
7.1 Preparing project dissemination strategy Report November 20, 2017
7.2 Dissemination through web site, newsletter, promotional material and media Service/Product October 15, 2017
7.3 Maintenance and use of communication platform Service/Product October 10, 2018
7.4 Workshops and info days on project results Events: Conferences and Seminars September 15, 2017
7.5 Promotion of LLL and MA programs Events: Conferences and Seminars October 10, 2019
7.6 Promotion of project results (conferences) Events: Conferences and Seminars September 15, 2019
8.1 Institutional sustainability Service/Product September 30, 2019
8.2 Industry stakehodler’s involvement Service/Product September 10, 2019
8.3 Erasmus+ inter-coaching (HERITAG project) Events: Conferences and Seminars October 01, 2018
9.1 Kick-off and project coordination meetings Report September 30, 2019
9.2 Development of internal communication plan Report October 20, 2016
9.3 Interim and final project reporting Report October 15, 2019