Project: Building capacity of Serbian Agricultural Education to link with Society

Acronym Application year Grant Reference number Duration Scope Project status
CaSa 2013 778738.15 544072-2013 3 years National finalized
Eligibility period start Eligibility period end Extended until Website Facebook
December 01, 2013 November 30, 2016

Project summary

CaSA, coordinated by University of Belgrade, will strengthen links between higher education and society by building capacity of all five Serbian Faculties of Agriculture (FA) to improve teachers’ competences in pedagogic skills and in their ability to provide eLearning in-service vocational training courses for agricultural secondary school (AMS) teachers and experts in extension services (ES). Networking of all stakeholders in agricultural education and project sustainability are ensured by creating a National Repository for Agricultural Education (NaRA). Courses will be held at each FA in e-learning for university staff and for both university and AMS teachers in active teaching/learning (ATL), to be given by experts from Education Forum. ATL is important for both groups of teachers as they had no pedagogical training during their graduate courses. University teachers will develop and implement classical and online vocational courses targeting recent advances in agriculture for AMS teachers and agronomists in ES, in collaboration with Universities from Maribor and Foggia. NaRA will be formed with help from the Agricultural University, Timisoara. NaRA will be used as a repository for online courses and teaching resources developed during trainings of university and AMS teachers. CaSA will also provide skills training to ES specialists for effective farmer communication in project proposals and impact by experts from Balkan Security Network and university teachers. Project deliverables will be stored and available in the NaRA for future users. Sustainability of NaRA will be ensured beyond the project by recognition of the Republic of Serbia Ministries of Education, Science and Technological Development, and Agriculture, with some courses being commercialized, and project databases, professional forums, and relevant information remaining updated and open access. Management of NaRA will be regulated by an Agreement between universities and other project partners.


CaSA has following specific objectives:
SO1 - Improvement of quality and availability of vocational agricultural education
SO2 - Strengthening of professional and pedagogical competences of educators
SO3 - Creation of the “open source“ repository for educators in the area of agricultural education


Structural Measures- Higher Education and Society

Subject areas

  • Agriculture, forestry and fishery


University of Belgrade, SRB Project coordinator
Vesna Poleksic Contact person, Radovan Mitricevic, Ljubica Spasenovic Todoric, Mirjana Mihajlovic, Igor Novcic, Elizabeta Atanasova Nikolic, Katarina Smakic, Darko Kozarski, Bogdan Mladenovic, Predrag Pudja, Goran Topisirevic, and Pavle Bulajic
State University of Novi Pazar, SRB
Natasa Djordjevic Contact person, Sofija Pekic Quarrie (Sofija Pekić Quarrie), Bojana Veljkovic, Dalibor Stojanovic, Sasa Obradovic, Dejan Mircic, Stevan Canak, Svetlana Jeremic, Edin Dolicanin (Един Долићанин), Milan Dekic, Irfan Fetahovic, Zana Dolicanin, Cemal Dolicanin (Ćemal Dolićanin), Miladin Kostic (Миладин Костић), and Braho Licina
Educons University, SRB
Ljubinko Jovanovic (Ljubinko Jovanović) Contact person, Zoran Masic (Zoran Mašić), Jelena Andrejic, Olivera Nikolic, and Milanko Pavlovic
University of Kragujevac, SRB
Snezana Tanaskovic (Снежана Танасковић) Contact person, Milan Nikolic, Jelena Pantovic, Mirjana Radovanovic, Simeon Rakonjac, Dalibor Tomic, Jelena Mladenovic, Milevica Bojovic, Milomirka Madic, and Dusan Markovic
University of Novi Sad, SRB
Dusan Petric (Dušan Petrić) Contact person, Branko Cupina (Branko Ćupina), Aleksandra Ignjatovic-Cupina, Dragan Zikic (Dragan Žikić), and Aleksandar Potkonjak
Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia, SRB
Danijela Scepanovic Team Member and Viktor Nedovic Contact person
Balkan Security Network, SRB
Ratko Bojovic Contact person and Bosko Nektarijevic
Educational Forum, SRB
Ana Pesikan Contact person
Institute for Science Application in Agriculture, SRB
Slavica Colic (Славица Чолић) Contact person
Association of secondary schools in the area of agriculture, food processing and production, SRB
Vidoje Vukasinovic (Видоје Вукашиновић) Contact person
University of Maribor, SVN
Franc Bavec Contact person
Banat University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, ROU
Cosmin Salasan Contact person
University of Foggia, ITA
Francesco Conto Contact person


Title Type To
1.1 NaRA structured Report December 31, 2013
1.2 NaRA created and maintained Learning resources November 30, 2016
2.1 Equipment purchased and installed Learning resources March 31, 2014
2.2 IT administrators trained Training May 31, 2014
2.3 IT expert engaged Other products November 30, 2016
2.4 One cameraman and film editor engaged Other products September 30, 2016
3.1 University teachers trained in ATL Training June 30, 2014
3.2 University teachers trained in academic skills Training June 30, 2014
3.3 University teachers trained Training November 30, 2014
4.1 Report on need analysis and conclusions Report October 31, 2014
4.2 Acquired knowledge on good practices by UT Events: Conferences and Seminars November 30, 2014
4.3 Classical vocational courses Learning resources March 31, 2015
4.4 Online vocational courses Learning resources June 30, 2015
5.1 AMS teachers trained in ATL Training June 30, 2015
5.1 AMS teachers trained in ATL Training June 30, 2015
5.2 AMS teachers trained in elearning Training November 30, 2014
6.1 Agronomists in ES trained in using online platform Teaching material February 28, 2015
6.2 Agronomists in ES trained Training March 31, 2015
7.1 Classical pilot vocational courses implemented Training October 31, 2016
7.2 Pilot web based vocational courses implemented Training October 31, 2016
8.1 Quality control body created Report December 31, 2013
8.2 Questionnaires for training courses evaluation Methodology May 31, 2015
8.3 Report on courses feedback questionnaires analysis Report October 31, 2015
8.4 Peer review reports Report September 30, 2015
8.5 Questionnaires for vocational course evaluation Methodology October 31, 2015
8.6 Report on questionnaires analysis Report November 30, 2016
9.1 Dissemination plan Report December 31, 2013
9.2 Web site Other products November 30, 2016
9.3 Articles, news, newsletter and reports Other products November 30, 2016
9.4 Training manuals and guidelines Teaching material April 30, 2015
9.5 Project results presented, analyzed, disseminated Events: Conferences and Seminars November 30, 2016
10.1 Agreement between faculties' managements Report December 31, 2013
10.2 Procedures of intellectual property rights adopted Methodology December 31, 2013
10.3 Vocational courses prepared for accreditation Teaching material December 31, 2015
10.4 Vocational courses prepared for certification Teaching material December 31, 2015
11.1 Report about meetings Report November 30, 2015
11.2 SCmeeting minutes and signed Partnership agreement Report December 31, 2013
11.3 Annual reports at SC meetings Report November 30, 2016
11.4 Reports Report November 30, 2016
11.5 Reports to EACAE Report November 30, 2016
11.6 Final conference held Events: Conferences and Seminars November 30, 2016
11.7 Minutes of the final SC meeting Report November 30, 2016
11.8 Audit report Report November 30, 2016


Resource title Resource type Keywords Authors
Presentation of the CASA project Promotion material Repository, agriculture, agricultural education, online courses, professional competencies, pedagogical competencies, open source
Need analysis for knowledge refreshment of agricultural school teachers and extension service advisors in agriculture Study / Analysis Work performance, soft skills, crop and vegetable production, animal husbandry, fruit growing, phytomedicine, agricultural economy Danijela Scepanovic, Steve Quarrie, Slavica Colic, Dusan Petric, Snezana Tanaskovic, Ljubinko Jovanovic, Natasa Djordjevic, Vidoje Vukasinovic, Snezana Jankovic, Ana Pesikan, Cosmin Salasan, Franc Bavec, Francesco Contò, Sofija Pekic Quarrie, Goran Topisirovic, Vesna Poleksic
The report is primarily designed for use by trainers and instructional designers in the sector of agricultural education as an input for the preparation of blended (online and face to face) in-service training programs.
National Repository for Agricultural Education (NaRA) Teaching / Training materials Repository, digital material, crop and vegetable production, animal husbandry, fruit growing, phytomedicine, agricultural economy CaSa consortium
CaSA NaRA is a digital service that collects, preserves, and distributes digital material. Repositories are important tools for preserving an organization's legacy; they facilitate digital preservation and scholarly communication.