Acronym Application year Grant Reference number Duration Scope Project status
ERAWEB 2011 48 years Multy-country on-going
Eligibility period start Eligibility period end Extended until Website Facebook

Project summary


ERAWEB consists of four elements:
1. Mobility: Promotion of and support for student and academic staff exchanges;
2. Research training: Focused on the development, promotion and implementation of joint research training in medicine and the health sciences (well educated professionals are
essential for a fully functioning healthcare system);
3. Scientific development: ERAWEB encourages and facilitates collaborative research in disciplines related to the health sciences;
4. Capacity building: ERAWEB stimulates cooperation between the partners and strengthens the sustainability of EU-funded projects in Member States. Through the exchange of students and by ‘training the trainer’ activities, the capacity in the Health Sciences in terms of quality and quantity of researchers and policy makers will be ensured both in the near and the more distant future.


Erasmus Mundus Action 2


Verba Medica Associate
European Roma Information Office, BEL Associate
Glocal Synergy, SRB Associate
Institute of Health Policy & Management, NLD Associate
Institute of Public Health, ALB Associate
Rotterdam-Rijnmond Public Health Service, NLD Associate
International Federation of Medical Students' Associations-Serbia, SRB Associate
Institute of Public Health, Macedonia, MK Associate
Public Health Institute Nis, SRB Associate
Regional Medical Chamber of Vojvodina, SRB Associate
Research Student Development Center, SRB Associate
Student Parliament Nis, SRB Associate
European Public Health Association European Roma and Travellers Forum Associate
Netherlands Embassy , BIH Associate
AEGEE European Students' Forum, SRB Associate
Erasmus University Rotterdam, NLD Project coordinator
Astrid Vrakking Contact person
University of Belgrade, SRB
University of Novi Sad, SRB
University of Nis, SRB
Ludwig Maximilians University Munich, DE
University of Sarajevo, BIH
Ss. Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje, MK
Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, ITA
UMIT - University for Health Sciences, Medical Informatics and Technology , AUT
University of Torino, ITA
University of Tirana, ALB