Project: Master Studies and Continuing Education Network for Product Lifecycle Management with Sustainable Production

Acronym Application year Grant Reference number Duration Scope Project status
MASPLM 2008 544220.0 JP 144959-2008 3 years Regional finalized
Eligibility period start Eligibility period end Extended until Website Facebook
January 15, 2009 January 14, 2012 July 14, 2012

Project summary

Identified niches in the higer educational area in the Wester Balkan Region's countries, manly Partner Countries in this project proposal (MK, HR, RS), are:
(1) the low responsiveness of the educational programmes to the changing market needs,
(2) the limited availability of continuing education (life-long learning) programmes,
(3) outdated or limited access to equipment and teaching aids and
(4) limited inclusion of European dimension in Macedonian higher level education especialy in 2nd and 3th cycle based on a thoroughly evaluation of the industry and market needs and
(5) the limited mobility of students and academics.

The MAS-PLM project Comsortium partners has identified one joint goal as a measure in process to overcome these problems which is incorporated in the specific project’s objectives.

  • To develop the structure, the teaching contents and to introduce new Master studies in Product Lifecycle Management with Sustainable Production, based on the ECTS in accordance with the BD and to fulfil the conditions between partner institutions for recognition of degree.
  • To develop and implement regional continuing education network with certified lifelong learning courses for SME professionals, flexible to adapt to new technologies, trends and industry needs.

The first project outcome is, the UKIM-FME, FMENA and UNS-FTS to develop and implement new Master’s studies programme with the courses brakedown in 4 modules:
1.Management of Technology (MT)
2.Product Management (PM)
3.Process Management (PsM)
4.Sustainable Production (SP)

The second project objective is, the UKIM-FME, UT, FMENA, US and UNS-FTS to develop and conduct life-long learning courses for SME engeeners and professionals, in severall LLL groups:
(Group 1) Product Lifecycle Management oriented courses,
(Group 2) Sustainable technologies oriented courses and
(Group 3) ICT oriented courses for non-IT engineers.


1. To develop the structure, the teaching contents and introduce new Master studies program in Product Lifecycle Management with Sustainable Production, based on the ECTS in accordance with the Bologna Declaration and to fulfil the conditions between partners in PCs for recognition of degree.
2. To develop and implement regional continuing education network with certified lifelong learning courses for SME professionals, flexible to adapt to new technologies, trends and industry needs.


Joint Project-Curriculum Reform

Subject areas

  • Engineering and engineering trades (broad programmes)


University of Novi Sad, SRB
Zoran Anisic Contact person, Slobodan Dudic, Gordana Ostojic (Gordana Ostojić), Ivana Senk, Laslo Tarjan, Milovan Lazarevic, Ivan Beker, Stevan Milisavljevic, Dragoljub Sevic, Andras Anderla, Ivana Ignjatovic, Branislav Stevanov, Ilija Cosic, Zdravko Tesic, Dragan Seslija (Драган Шешлија), Stevan Stankovski, Sonja Ristic, Bojan Lalic, Zeljko Tekic (Željko Tekić), Nemanja Sremcev, Nikola Suzic, and Marija Rakic-Skokovic
Vladimir Djurdjevic
MOLDAR d.o.o., SRB
Svetislav Stojakov
Istvan Sekula
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GRC
LUXOL Aquamatic, MK
IGM Trade, MK
Lipovica Ltd, HRV
Macedonian Geothermal Asociation MAGA, MK
University of Split, HRV
Ss. Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje, MK
Polytechnic University of Turin, ITA
Franco Lombardi
University of Zagreb, HRV
University of Maribor, SVN
University of Tetovo, MK


University of Novi Sad
Title Model Equipment type Quantity Location
Data Base server IT equipment – server 1 Faculty of Technical Sciences
Applicative server IT equipment – server 1 Faculty of Technical Sciences
Graphic workstation-stable IT equipment - desktop computer 2 Faculty of Technical Sciences
Graphic workstation-mobile IT equipment - desktop computer 2 Faculty of Technical Sciences
Workstation IT equipment - desktop computer 8 Faculty of Technical Sciences
Projector Audio, Video and Communication equipment – projector and TV 2 Faculty of Technical Sciences
Licence-Siemens Teamcenter Software Siemens Teamcenter Software 80 Faculty of Technical Sciences
Literature heading Books and printed materials (journals, textbooks) 23 Faculty of Technical Sciences


1.1. Preliminary discussion of the course subjects during the first management meeting
1.2. Analysis of industry needs and requirements
1.3. Development of course syllabi, content and selection of teaching staff
1.4. Defintion and approval of overall structure of the Master studies Curriculum and the teaching staff with 3 workshops

2.1. Retraining of the selected academics in the EU partners
2.2. Development of new teaching materials for the courses
2.3. Printing and publishing of new teaching environment manuals

3.1. Identifying the necessary equipment for the partner universities
3.2. Purchasing and implementation of the teaching and communication equipment
3.3. Training for new softwere tools

4.1. Defining of LLL program and retraining of the selected academics for LLL courses in the EU partners (linked to 2.1.)
4.2. Preparing of the course materials, case studies and manuals for LLL courses.
4.3. Implementation of the LLL courses by EU partners and partner universities

5.1. Support visiting lecturers in the first year study
5.2. Support joint thesis and evaluation
5.3. Support student mobility

6.1. Organisation of networking events with regional industries
6.2. Development of web sites for master studies and LLL courses
6.3. Printing and publishing of the promotional materials

7.1. Creation of sustainable linkages
7.2. Institutional sustainability assessment
7.3. Centres of Excelence for PLM technologies and networking

8.1  Monitoring of the prepared teaching material and conducted LLL courses (linked to 2.2 & 4.2)
8.2. Accreditation of new Master studies programme

9.1. Start-up meeting meeting
9.2. Coordination of project management meetings for progress review
9.3. Project management and project administration


Title Type To
Project Lifecycle Management New study programme - MA level


Resource title Resource type Keywords Authors
Product lifecycle management through innovative and competitive business environment Paper Product Lifecycle Management, PLM, business process, competitiveness Valentina Gecevska, Paolo Chiabert, Zoran Anisic, Franco Lombardi, Franc Cus
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is the process of managing the whole life cycle of a product starting from generating an idea, concept description, business analyzes, product design and solution architecture and technical implementation, to the successful entrance to the market, service, maintenance and product improvement. At present, a wide range of stakeholders including consumers, regulators, shareholders and public bodies are demanding that companies address product management through all life cycle in a more comprehensive and sustainable way. However, even if a company actually wishes innovate its processes for improving the way to account for project management, it will face relevant difficulties to deal with different guidelines, tools and methods currently addressing the matter from various points of view. The purpose of this paper is to review literature on PLM from an operational point of view with the objective to help companies to answer to the main market needs.
Pre-assessment tools to the Sustainable production Promotion material Pre-assessment, tools, Sustainable production,
Macedonian case: Solar thermal systems and components – quality as precondition for sustainable production, durability and quarantined energy gains Teaching / Training materials Sustainable production, Solar thermal, Sustainability, Quality assurance